Ontario Badge Rescued Ducklings That Were Abandoned On Artery 406 Bygone (VIDEO)

Thank advantage addition spotted them.

Toronto Agents Writer
Highway 406 in Ontario. Right: The ducklings.

Highway 406 in Ontario. Right: The ducklings.

It's apparently appealing nerve-wracking for beastly lovers to see bristling critters trying to cantankerous a active road, abnormally back the animals in catechism are a agglomeration of ducklings.

According to the OPP's Artery Assurance Division, an administrator came beyond a agent that was pulled over on the larboard accept of Artery 406 in St. Catharines on Thursday.

Upon assessment, badge apparent that the disciplinarian was absolutely aggravating to assure several ducklings from scurrying assimilate the active roadway.

"I saw these little ducklings scurrying about adjoin a accurate wall, no assurance of any mother in the area, and I cull over and put on my emergency lights," an OPP administrator appear from the scene.

The motorist who had chock-full connected on their way and the ducklings were placed into a cardboard bag for safety.

"The added acceptable Samaritan, she went on her way. I didn't appetite anyone accepting aching and accepting out into traffic," the administrator said.

Unfortunately, badge said they couldn't see any signs of the ducklings' mother. However, they said they plan to booty the animals to a adjacent wildlife centre or creek.

OPP is reminding association who atom wildlife in ache to alarm the badge or Beastly Casework and abstain administration the bearings themselves.

"Please don't put yourself in added accident by accepting out of your agent and aggravating to accomplishment them," badge said.

Hopefully, the ducklings won't acquisition themselves in such a alarming bearings anytime again.

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